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Supercharge your immunity naturally

Supercharge your immunity naturally


By Janeen Howard - qualified natural health practitioner and Technical Manager at GO Healthy.

Janeen Howard is the Technical Manager for GO Healthy with over 18 years experience in the natural health industry. A fully qualified Medical Herbalist with a Diploma in Natural Products and Nutritional Medicine, Janeen is passionate about finding a balance in life and improving health through the use of natural products and supplements. You will see Janeen regularly on TV3s The Café talking to viewers about GO Healthy supplements.


We all need a little extra TLC during the months where the temperature drops and winter lurgies have a nasty habit of spreading like wildfire. Your immune system is one of the most important weapons you can work with to support, combat and defend against dreaded ills and chills.

There are a number of natural ingredients that help to build a strong army, boost its fighting power, and guard your body against attacks from invaders.

The first herb to come to mind has got to be Echinacea. This popular herb has been well studied and is renowned worldwide as a valuable aid for immune system support, and a powerful natural tool for strengthening the body’s natural defences. 

Garlic is a pungent herb and one of natures best anti-septics. Garlic is packed with nutrients and compounds that have strong immune properties, helping to prepare the body for when those nasties hit.  

Zinc is critical for optimal functioning of the immune system. This important mineral is lacking in New Zealand soils. The body requires Zinc to develop and support T-cell activity, an important player in the immune system. Several studies have shown that even mild deficiencies can impair the body’s immunity.

Olive Leaf helps to naturally support the body’s immunity by working at a cellular level to strengthen the body’s immune response. It contains strong anti-septic properties that help keep the body’s natural defences strong against invaders. 

The herb Elderberry has been used for hundreds of years for its immune benefits. Elderberry supports recovery and is especially effective in supporting upper respiratory tract health, helping to clear congestion.

GO Vir-Defence is an easy to take, one stop product to arm your body with the natural ingredients to defend the body against lurgies. The power-house supplement to help super charge your immunity naturally, GO Vir-Defence contains Echinacea, Garlic, Olive Leaf, Zinc, Vitamin C, Elderberry and more. All ingredients are supplied at optimum strengths to support a strong immune system.


Defend yourself today with GO Vir-Defence.

  • Supplied in a convenient 1-A-Day dose
  • Dose can be increased to 2 VegeCapsules to provide extra protection


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist consult your Healthcare Professional. GO Healthy, Wellington. TAPS: PP6114